I’m going to do a little group hug here. Congratulations and thanks to the Zahn Innovation Center at CUNY for a fun and productive brainstorming session.  I was excited about the opportunity and, now, I’m super impressed with the outcome.

I was fortunate to work with the smart incubator for young talent because the Executive Director wanted to get everyone on message after a year of rapid growth. For most organizations, more growth means more communication in more channels with more diverse audiences. All this communicating should be adding up to some great brand storytelling and meaningful connections with your supporters. But that’s not always apparent. So we took a time out together.

The brainstorming session, which I moderated, included almost everyone who touches their communications, six staff members. And we agreed we’d focus solely on messaging. Zahn TwitterThanksTaking time with your team to focus on one area of marketing can be super productive. It’s like redoing your vows to your organization’s mission. Everyone who is contributing to your channels agrees on your organization’s primary story and how you communicate that story to each audience in each channel.twitterlovezahn2

The Zahn team was great to work with because they all agreed pretty quickly on their story. It was a productive day for everyone. We all left feeling like we had accomplished quite a lot.

Contact me if you’re interested in a brainstorming session for your team.