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shoesonwire-e1367148349664I was away during Hurricane Sandy, stranded in Miami at a marketing conference. Sounds like a sweet deal but, as a Brooklynite, I was so worried about my peeps back home I didn’t quite relax by the pool. I was glued to the screens, scavenging for images on twitter.

When I landed on one of the first flights back into the city, I felt I had missed something huge. My neighborhood was unscathed so I headed into Manhattan to check on my favorite spots. As I was waiting for the bus back to Brooklyn, I looked up to see these shoes hanging on the wire. They reminded me of a great short film I saw in film school called That Burning Question, directed by Alan Taylor who went on to be quite successful.

They also made me wonder how they got there. Was it a celebration? Or a tragedy?
These shoes inspire me. I make up stories of their past often.