Don’t write what you know

IN HONOR OF THE RELEASE OF FENCES-I’M REPOSTING THIS When I was starting out most writing mentors advised: ‘Write about what you know.’ I echoed the same when I was teaching short screenplay writing. In contrast-in my ad writing, I daily conjure up...
Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love

  Consumer backlash can often shut down an advertising effort, whether it’s worthy or not. This time the negative comments were countered with an even more impactful, media-grabbing response. Click here to view.

Favorite Place for Creative Writing

When I want to seriously produce some pages, I go to Outpost Cafe. It’s in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn. The tastefully landscaped garden inspires. The coffee is strong. The wi-fi is reliable (limited to two hours) and the food is pretty good. The outdoor space is a haven...